NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.1 Torrent DL:
NiceHashMiner_v1.7.5.1+binsMagnet – 153,2MB

Notes on CPU mining:
1. Please note that CPUs without AES-NI extension are no longer supported.
2. xmr-stak-cpu CryptoNight miner has support for LOCKED PAGES; it will give more performance when enabled. How to enable: (you may have to restart OS after changing). You have to be logged into Windows as Administrator in order for this feature to work. To properly benchmark CPU mining it is best to reboot the system with as little auto-start applications as possible before benchmarking.
3. If you have a recent Intel CPU and you are used to overclock CPU, you can tune some CPU cache settings in order to achieve best performance. You can try to set BIOS setting CPU Cache Ratio to the same value as your max CPU Ratio. For example if a CPU Ratio for a 4.5 GHz Intel CPU with 100 MHz BLCK is 45, then the Min and Default CPU Cache Ratio has also to be set to 45. As always, be careful with overclocking and keep in mind that overclocking or forcing manual settings might void your hardware warranty or damage your hardware.

Support Thank You.
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litecoin 39pZk959T42rmV8umFNmH91tLk4JE64oSJ
            zcash t1Qs851mRBCuquk3S1cW9KmLABHxSbHsmwK



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